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Isn't it very expensive to set up a professional website with online sales?



Pricing starts from as little as £60 a month for a basic inclusive website. See our WebService Plans for more details.

Getting the right eCommerce solution

There's not much middle ground on offer in the market place. You can have a small template shop that doesn't tie in to your website and looks fairly generic, or you can have an expensive gateway solution which requires monthly fees and a merchant online banking account from your bank with more fees.

We can offer you middle ground. We can integrate an existing website, or create a new one for you that has a built in, customised shopping experience that can then integrate with a variety of different payment solutions. Our starting products have no additional monthly fees and don't require a merchant bank account, yet they allow people to pay with credit cards for items on your site. This works by taking the shopping basket from your site, and handing it to Paypal for processing. Your customers don't need paypal accounts to buy from you, any debit or credit card is accepted without them having to register with paypal. This is one of the cheapest and best solutions. Paypal have a small commission per transaction, instead of an expensive monthly outlay.

We can even offer more competitive versions of the more expensive gateway solutions, where customers pay on your site and the payment stage is done on your site too.

eCommerce is not a one size fits all affair. Small businesses need low set up cost which can only be achieved by using the latest and best payment services and providers. As a business grows it's needs change as and it needs a solution that can change with it. Large or small, Matthew R Consultancy can meet your requirements. Technical details are completely taken care of, but we put you in control when it comes to making the decisions.