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Information Systems

What are they & how can they help me?


A Quick Summary

A good example of an information system is an online exam system. It allows students to be registered with it. It allows administrators to set tests. It allows students to take tests. It marks exams and records results. It does all this without any human administrative overhead. It's quick, lean and efficient. Many businesses have processes that could be speeded up and streamlined using technology like this.

Whether web applications, web app on desktop, or conventional desktop applications, Matthew R Consultancy can deliver custom made solutions tailored to your requirements. If you have paper systems and overheads that are holding your business back, we have the technology to potentially save thousands in staffing and administrative costs.

Example Scenarios

Sales representatives

Let's take a fictitious example company called Fantastic Plastic. They have a sales team that travels to see clients and sell products and services. Management need to know which clients are likely to buy, how meeting's have gone and how much work the sales team are doing. They want to know if the sales team is operating efficiently and so has put in place a fair amount of paperwork. They also require this paperwork to co-ordinate visits and ensure that reps are getting to meetings close to them.

Instead of taking notes and filling in paper forms, which have to be entered into computer systems by administrators, Fantastic Plastic could contact us for an online system.

With the sales representatives having smartphones, the automated Information System can pose questions directly to the sales reps while they're on the job and put it straight into the companies databases. Certain information, such as the name of the Sales representative, never needs to be filled in twice as the system recognises the user. The system can even pinpoint the geographic location of where the sales rep is. Reminder emails can be sent for appointments, administrators can see how efficiently the representatives are using their time, the whole system works a lot better and requires fewer staff to operate, lowering operating costs for the company. This allows them to be more competitive and profitable.