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Rates FAQ

Why do you charge by the half hour for domestic work, but by the hour for business?
It's convention to charge by the hour for these services and when people compare prices, they compare them by the hour. As a company it is our experience that the hourly model is suitable for businesses, but domestic customers can end up not getting the best deal with this model as the nature of work done for domestic customers is different.
Why do you charge for time and call outs separately? Could I not get a bundled deal?
They're charged separately in the interests of fairness and transparency. It allows you to know exactly what you're paying for. We try and price things clearly and openly. A typical bundled price for a business is £50 for an hour and call out, but because this varies, we don't advertise a fixed price, if we did, the customers who are closer would just end up subsidising the ones who were further away.