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Prices & features compared on the table below:

Prices & Features Compared
Hover or click on the information signs for more information about a feature. *Minimum of 18 months term applies.
Lightweight Professional Premium
Cost per Month* £30 £40 £60
Key Pages 2 3 5
Content Pages 5 10 15
Content Assistance No Yes Yes
Domain Yes Yes Yes
Hosting Yes Yes Yes
Management Yes Yes Yes
Design Consultations 1 3 5
Monthly Credit None £10 (15 Mins) £10 (15 Mins)
Mobile Optimisation +£10 +£10 +£10
eCommerce addon +£30 +£30 +£30


Good websites are expensive, cheap websites make you look bad. So what do you do?

Instead of compromising, get a professionally designed website. WebService is an entirely different business model. You don't just pay a large lump sum and then we go away. It makes great websites accessible to small businesses.

You pay a small manageable monthly sum, just like a mobile phone contract. Rather than being a costly one off product, you buy a service, a business relationship with a real person. It includes free updates and modifications to your site* and at the end of the minimum term of 18 months, you can get free site overhauls to keep you on the cutting edge of design and show your business in the best light. Alternatively you can move from WebService to a simple hosting option to reduce your costs.

*Free updates and modifications are set in an allowance per month and apply to all packages except the lightweight option.

Tailored Quote

If you'd like something a bit special, or have something in particular in mind, please feel free to get in touch and ask for a quote. While we offer the plans above, we're always happy to give you something bespoke. We can add or modify our plans to suit your needs.